About Cream Mousse

Today cream mousses are trendy in many cosmetic areas. 15 years ago Greppmayr GmbH was a pioneer in the development of new, pleasant and effective forms of skin care products.

Thanks to their special aerosol technology, they can renounce on a fat-rich ointment base. The airy-light cream mousse does not clog the skin pores. Important skin functions remain, the skin can "breathe".

The Callusan recipes have proved themselves in lengthy tests and have been dermatologically tested. High-quality ingredients are combined into foamable oil in water emulsions in a complex production process.

After filling the aluminium cans are airtight sealed. Eco-friendly propellants (CFC-free of course) create the necessary pressure, which produces the characteristic Callusan cream mousses.

Callusan is characterized by its simple and pleasant application. The fine cream mousse absorbs quickly and without residue into the skin. An annoying greasy film is a thing of the past.

In addition to these benefits, Callusan is also very economical and excellent value because, due to the special format of dosage, only a small amount is sufficient for each application.

The main benefits:

fine, airy-light mousse

 absorbes quickly and completely

no greasy film after use

 does not clog up the skin pores

neutral and pleasant smell 

very efficient and cost effective

dermatologically testet