Diabetes Mellitus


Diabetes is a metabolic disorder. It primarily occurs in 2 forms: type 1and type 2.

The autoimmune disease Diabetes TYP 1 can begin even in youthful age.


Diabetes TYPE 2 often only begins at a higher age - a disturbed insulin formation plays an important role here.

The skin and diabetes mellitus

Foot- and skincare is an important issue for diabetics, since they often suffer of dry skin. As a result of long-term diabetes, many patients suffer from sensory and autonomic nerve fibers (neuropathy). In addition, there are increased circulatory disorders in the area of small and large blood vessels (micro- and macro- angiopathy). These changes also lead to a number of skin problems, which are particularly severe to the feet, since the skin here is exposed to high stresses.

The skin loses its elasticity and toughness because of the lower supply. In addition, the normal functions of the skin (perspiration, transpiration) are reduced. As a result, it comes increasingly to the appearance of the "dry skin".

Dry skin is not only unpleasant (itching, unsightly), it loses important protective functions. For example, the barrier function is restricted, creating entry points for micro-organisms. The skin reacts more sensitive to irritation.

Here we also have developed applications, answers and tips through our over 90 years of experience for your specific needs

Here, we also have developed answers, applications and tips for your specific needs through our over 90 years of professional experience.

Moisture instead of grease


The Callusan cream mousses HYDRO, EXTRA, FORTE and RAPID have been specially developed for the care of dry, cracked skin.

Through the new formulation and the renunciation of a fatty ointment base, the skin pores are not clogged, the functions of the skin are thus preserved. Dry skin needs moisture, not fat. Through the use of urea, which is found in the normal skin as a water reservoir, the Callusan cream foams donate much moisture.

The Elimination of dyes and fragrances reduce the allergic potential to a minimum.

In a scientific study at the diabetes Center Bad Mergentheim, the nursing succession of Callusan EXTRA was examined. It was clearly confirmed that the regular application leads to a significant increase in the skin moisture content after only a short time


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