Nowadays cream mousse has become fashionable in many cosmetic fields. Over 20 years ago Greppmayr GmbH was a pioneer in the development of this particular type of application. During a laborious production process high quality substances are amalgamated into an oil in water emulsion which produces a mousse.

Callusan is characterised by its simple and comfortable application. The delicate cream mousse is absorbed into the skin quickly without leaving a residue. An unpleasant greasy film is a thing of the past.

Callusan’s innovative aerosol technology also has many advantages with regard to sustainability. The filled cans have an air-tight seal, which protects them from contamination, enabling us to preserving substances to a minimum.

Environmentally friendly propellants (without CFCs) produce the characteristic, fine-pored Callusan mousse. And finally, the aluminium cans are perfect for recycling after use.

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