This year I can proudly look back on our 95-year company history. As early as 1925, my grandfather Josef Greppmayr began to develop his very personal idea of professional "foot hygiene". With inventive talent and determination he set standards. One can confidently call him a pioneer of modern foot care. In 1956, my father Günther Greppmayr also entered the practice. Early in his career he was responsible for the initial spark of ORTHONYXIE in Germany. Only a few months after his Scottish colleague Ross Fraser introduced him to his nail brace, he presented this sensational correction method to an enthusiastic audience at the National Foot Care Congress in Munich in 1964. The development of high-quality preparations has always been part of the Greppmayr company. When I joined the company at the beginning of the 1990s, I had the vision of strengthening this area and expanding the portfolio. In 2001 the corresponding reorientation of the product range took place. Whereas the early products were primarily intended for foot specialists and for use in the practice, the Callusan cream foams now also included care products for daily use at home. Nevertheless, Callusan was never intended as an article for the mass market. On the sales side, we have made a conscious decision to remain loyal to you, our specialist dealers. After all, it is only through professional expertise and care recommendations that the right products find their way to the end consumers. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your many years of active support. After 19 years, we have not only completely revised the packaging design, but have also structured our product range even more clearly and concisely with the Callusan Care Concept. I hope that you like the changes and that you will be able to provide your customers and patients with even better care. On the following pages you will find all the information about the Care Concept and product range. I hope you enjoy reading them and look forward to a successful future. 

Andreas Greppmayr

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